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Korean Secret Fermented Rice Youth Serum Toner 100ml

Korean Secret Fermented Rice Youth Serum Toner 100ml

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REAL Korean Secret Fermented Rice Youth Serum Toner (Learned from Korean mom) 100ml

I made this in authentic and real ancient Korean way for the best result on your skin.


Fermented Rice& barley water, ginger, glycerin, Aloe vera, Centella asiatica, Niacinamide, allantoin, panthenol, Hyaluronic acid, Germall plus


  1. After you’ve cleansed and dampened your skin, it’s now time to apply the superstar, your youth face serum Toner.
  2. Apply 1-2 pumps into your palm.
  3. Gently rub your palms together to warm and activate the serum toner.
  4. Lightly press your palms onto your skin and pat on in outwards and upwards motions until it is fully applied to your face and neck.
  5. Wait till fully absorbed.

If you have sensitive skin or are new to any of ingredients, be sure to start with a patch test. Ask medical professional if you have any concerns before using it.

Benefits from Superstar ingredients [Centella Asiatica] healing wounds and burns treating psoriasis treating scleroderma reducing swelling in keloids and hypertrophic scars reducing cellulite and photoaging of the skin

We are exposed to everyday pressures that affect how our skin looks and feels. The skin barrier is frequently damaged by various aggressors, such as pollutants and UV radiation. Since Centella Asiatica has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite, and anti-aging properties, it is employed as an active ingredient in skin care products.

Listed below are some amazing benefits of Centella Asiatica:

  1. Anti-aging: Wrinkles Many flavonoids and an active substance called "Madecassoside" found in Centella Asiatica act as antioxidants to counteract the free radical damage brought on by exposure to the sun and pollution. For keeping a young complexion, they also enhance blood flow, collagen, and skin tissue formation. In various studies, Centella Asiatica was found to help boost collagen formation, particularly type I collagen. Collagen is essential for improving skin suppleness and minimizing aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines.
  2. Soothing: Asiaticosides, a class of saponins with calming and therapeutic qualities, are the primary active ingredients of Centella Asiatica. CA is great for restoring your skin's moisture barrier so it can guard itself against further deterioration. It considerably lessens the visual symptoms of skin sensitivity, such as burning and itching.
  3. Hydration: For people who take medications or substances that might dry up their skin, such as acne-fighting treatments, CA can be beneficial because it not only reduces inflammation but also hydrate the skin's dry patches. It is an active ingredient in various skin care products like serums, cleansers, and moisturizers. Centella Asiatica also increases microcirculation of blood in the skin and prevents excessive accumulation of fat in cells.
  4. Provide antioxidant protection: Antioxidants are crucial for maintaining our health. We eat them every day in the form of fruits and vegetables, but according to a study, we also need to apply them topically to our skin. Antioxidants aid in preventing environmental damage that can cause irritation and early indications of aging when they are utilized in skin care products. Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of Centella Asiatica are enhanced by the presence of polyphenols, flavonoids, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.
  5. Comforts compromised skin: It is known as "the tiger herb" in India because it has a legend about wounded tigers rolling around in it. The skin barrier's principal job is to keep things in equilibrium. But when our skin's barrier function is compromised, whether as a result of harsh skin care products or external influences, it's crucial to take extra steps to assist our skin return to normal. And Gotu Kola (another name of Centella Asiatica) can support you in that. This nourishing herb contains a wealth of minerals and nourishing elements that assist damaged skin and it is useful in speeding up the healing process.
  6. Another ingredient of skincare that can be beneficial for those with acne is niacinamide. Fortunately, the safe combination of niacinamide and Centella Asiatica results in products that effectively brighten skin and reduce redness and irritation.(----> I use Niacinamide as well for the best results on your skin),for%20Open%20Pores%20%26%20Acne%20Scars.

[Fermented rice water] can be a significant asset if you struggle with issues like dull skin, pimples, or an uneven skin tone. Your skin's collagen synthesis will be increased, resulting in a supple, radiant complexion. In addition, it aids in the fading of scars, pigmented spots, and blemishes.

[Barley] has anti-inflammatory properties. When you apply barley water on the skin, it reduces acne and fights skin infection. Barley can also brighten the skin tone by acting as a gentle exfoliator and controlling oil secretion. This little hero is packed with a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to healthy skin. Some of its benefits are given below. Has Healing Properties The zinc present in barley helps to heal the skin and repair wounds, if any. Take barley powder orally or apply it as a paste regularly for a few months, and you will notice a significant reduction in facial lesions or wounds. Improves Skin Elasticity Barley improves skin elasticity The presence of large amounts of selenium helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, keep it toned, and prevent free radical damage. Selenium is also important for the proper functioning of the pancreas, heart, and immune system – all of which reflect on your face. Brightens The Skin Tone Barley has anti-inflammatory properties. When you apply barley water on the skin, it reduces acne and fights skin infection. Barley can also brighten the skin tone by acting as a gentle exfoliator and controlling oil secretion. Hydrates The Skin A study was done in Korea to evaluate the hydration effects of barley and soya bean as a dietary supplement for 8 weeks. At the end of the time frame, a considerable increase in the hydration levels was noticed on the faces and forearms of the participants (21). This increase in their skin hydration was claimed to promote anti-aging. Treats Clogged Pores Drinking barley water regularly helps reduce the occurrence of acne on your face. You can also apply barley water topically. Barley contains azelaic acid that works as an anti-inflammatory agent to fight acne and treat clogged pores.,exfoliator%20and%20controlling%20oil%20secretion.

[Ginger] Here are five of the best benefits of ginger for skin.

  1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines Free radicals are a natural byproduct of your body’s normal metabolic process. They can also form from external factors like cig smoke, air pollutants, or industrial chemicals. These highly reactive and unstable molecules can lead to oxidative stress which can show up as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines. Since ginger is a great source of antioxidants — compounds that protect against oxidative stress — it may help reduce your risk of these common skin concerns.
  2. Fade scars Ginger’s antioxidant content may also promote healthy blood flow throughout the body. Some suggest this can help scars blend back into the regular color of your skin. However, there’s limited evidence to prove this. Additionally, some say ginger can pump up the volume on collagen production. Collagen fibers are what the body uses to knit itself back together, resulting in a scar. But again, most of the research is anecdotal and we def need more science to show if this is legit.
  3. Keep your hair and scalp healthy Ginger is widely thought to be great for your hair. It’s been used in hair treatments for a long, long time. Reported benefits include: thicker hair fewer split ends increased hair growth Ginger’s antiseptic and antimicrobial properties are also fab for your scalp. This root is particularly effective at treating dandruff. So, maybe consider a home remedy before you go splashing big bills on high end brands.
  4. Make cellulite less noticeable There’s no shame in the cellulite game. After all, up to 80 percent of women experience cellulite to some extent. But if cellulite isn’t your vibe, ginger might come in clutch. Remedies containing ginger may help your body flush toxins and keep the blood pumping. This stops the buildup of fat deposits beneath your skin. However, we def need more research to prove these perks.
  5. Improve acne symptoms Ginger is packed with a phytochemical called gingerol which is full of anti-inflammatory goodness. That means it’s great for treating and preventing certain types of acne. But wait, there’s more! Ginger has also been shown to help reduce the amount of excess oil (aka sebum) your skin produces. Of course, ginger isn’t an acne cure-all. But since it tends to be gentle on most skin types, it’s def worth a shot.


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