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I am Beautiful waterproof makeup remover cleansing oil 100ml 50ml

I am Beautiful waterproof makeup remover cleansing oil 100ml 50ml

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I am Beautiful waterproof makeup remover cleansing oil 100ml


Rosehip oil, Argan oil, MCT oil, Castor oil, Rice bran oil, Polysorbate, Geranium Essential oil, Vitamin E


Take a few pumps of the cleanser on your palm and massage it gently on your face with your fingertips.

  1. Be sure to apply it on a dry face so that it breaks down all your makeup, including the oil and dirt in your face.
  2. Allow the oil to stay on your skin for about one or two minutes so that it can penetrate deeply and work its magic.
  3. You can use a warm washcloth to wipe the oil gently, or you can rinse it with warm water. While using a washcloth to do it gently and avoid pressing it too hard or scrubbing your face as it can irritate your skin, causing further breakouts.
  4. Once you are done rinsing, you should feel your face be hydrated, soft, and smooth. Oil cleansers cleanse your face sufficiently without making it dry or tight.
  5. Once you are done with this pat your face dry and follow it up with a moisturizer.

As a skincare formulator and owner, I proudly make my products with clean, sustainable, safe, mild, and effective ingredients for both environments and skins. I hope you enjoy quality products that I make with gratitude and science behind like myself, family, and friends do. I might not able to use the most expensive and the rarest to find ingredients and the highest nano technologies with higher price tags to attract customers like Big companies do( Not All the big corps). However, I guarantee that I Never use harsh chemicals, unethically sustained ingredients, not so eco/earth- friendly packaging to reveal the visible results sooner or to lower the costs of making skincare products. Instead, I put more efforts to restore your self-healing mechanism of the skin system and to make you see yourself the improvements after diligently using them.

I humbly and sincerely appreciate what I am able to do as well as what you do with me.


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